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Vocab tab gone!?

What has happened to the vocab tab on the redesigned Duolingo? It was extremely helpful to be able to scroll through all the words I have learned, access their full conjugations and declensions, and to practice weak words. What happened to this feature? Where can I find it on the redesign? - Thanks, Alex

February 8, 2014



Hi! We are working on a new way to show your vocabulary that is not in the redesign right now. There will be more updates soon :)


Much appreciated! It was a great tool.


Hi, just returned to Duolingo after having been away for a few weeks and I am so disappointed to see that the vocabulary tool as well as the strength bars are gone :-( They were such useful tools; I probably won't use Duolingo anymore if they are not returned as they are a major part of the learning experience in my opinion. Please can you give us an update as to what is happening with these?


Looking forward to have the vocabulary back :) thank you for Duolingo!


Thanks. I'll wait, so.


You said this 1 year ago... why is it still not there? :(


It is - it's just now called "Words" and is only available on the older languages.

[deactivated user]

    I would like to see vocab for Japanese so I can practice the words. It is very useful to see the vocab. Arigatou minna!


    And now? I don't see this great feature !!



    I came back to duolinguo after a break and now the vocab and all those very useful tools are gone! please give us back as soon as possible these features:

    the list of words itself the "practice weakest words" button ( I loved it) the "practice word" button for each individual word. Please, get those items back on the menu asap. Thanks. A.


    is there a way to go back to the old design with the vocab tab? besides, it's not the only feature missing. Alot of very useful stuff is gone. That's a steep price to pay for gimmicky graphics, not to mention a font which is tougher to read.


    yes, I'm looking forward to see vocab tabs back too - they were great


    When the Vocabulary feature returns, it would be extremely useful if it was possible to download it, perhaps as a CSV file or similar. Previously it was a very slow process scrolling down your list of words.

    Although you could search for a word, this didn't help me with words that I was "supposed to know" but had forgotten... I know Duolingo tracks my "strength" in each word/subject, I would like to be able to maintain my own list of the words I find most difficult and use other methods outside Duolingo to try and memorise them better.

    I hope others agree that this would be useful, and maybe Duolingo could consider it? :)


    Do you know how long long it will take to get any of these back, so good for conjugations and genders


    This is a huge missing within Duolingo practice. Dear Duolingo team, I understand your efforts in order to improve this website, but please restore Vocabulary tab ASAP. Thank you.


    I asked the same question and I just got a BUNCH of dislikes for no understandable reason!!! ?:-|


    Another vote for the return of vocab.


    I do agree, I really miss it! Hope it will be back soon.


    Just wanted to let you know: I miss the vocabulary tab also.


    also hope it will be back soon


    I agree, this feature helped me to streamline my learning experience tremendously. The ability to look at the different conjugations, definitions, and pronunciations of each word was an invaluable part of the understanding the language. The sooner this feature returns, the sooner i can actually form my own sentences again hahaha.


    It was a very bad decision to remove the vocabulary tab. It was a great tool. My fear is that it will be reintroduced as a premium feature, meaning we'll have to pay for it.


    The reason why I create an account on Duolingo was because they wrote that it was completely free, if they reintroduced it as a premium feature it will be weird so you shouldn't fear this situation! :D


    I agree absolutely!!!


    Same issue here. The vocabulary tab was a great way to recap words and help us store them in long term memory. The features I used and miss in the vocabulary session are:

    1. the list of words itself
    2. the "practice weakest words" button ( I loved it)
    3. the "practice word" button for each individual word.

    Please, get those items back on the menu asap. Thanks.


    I totally agree with this comment. It's discouraging to have to do 20 items to practise a word. This has slowed my progress significantly.


    I also want the Vocab tab back, the redesign is crap.


    I, too, want the vocabulary tab back. This feature should have precedence over gimicky graphics and such stuff.


    Is there any new word on this? I remember words that I was using with the vocab tab still, but I'm quickly losing newer words. The 20 questions are great, but since they are teaching about more than the actual word, it's not sticking with me. I can get those questions right, but the understanding of the base word doesn't stick without repetition of the vocab. I love this program, but I really need vocab back for it to be of much use moving forward. Not that Duolingo owes us a thing, but this has been an amazing tool up to this point and I would love to keep using it.


    I recently joined Duolingo, and I have been having a ton of trouble with getting individual words that need to be practiced, practiced. I can't find the right ones on weakest words, or even in their individual sections. This feature to practice individual words sounds amazing, I wish I had been able to use it. BRING IT BACK DUO!!!!!


    It is in the top bar between "Home" and "Activity" for me. I have noticed that when Duolingo introduces new features/designs, they tend to do so sporadically at first and eventually everyone will be switched over.


    I think it's in the tab "Words" now.


    Still not so for me (Jan 2018)! It's critical for Chinese.


    Has anyone heard if there is an update on this? such a shame that its gone! :(


    That's a great tool


    ¡yo quiero mi vocabulario! me gusta el vocabulario, es muy muy útil por recordar.


    how can allow the micro phone to pronounce sentences?


    Hello, Vocabulary/Words tab is back. Thank you Duolingo. But currently it's just on "bulk mode", how about having it structured on chapter/lessons, as it was before?


    Thanks for restoring this feature! It is very helpful. I really appreciate the ongoing support and refinements of the Duolingo team.


    Where is it? On the top I just have the options Home Activity Discussion Immersion. No words tab for me.


    I cannot find it either, perhaps it's only some languages that has the tab, and that French is not amongst them.


    yup, it has happened to me too!


    Some languages don't have the tab.


    I agree. I'm new to Duolingo, and never saw this feature, but it sounds fantastic! I'm currently attempting to build my own, sort of, glossary of Greek words, which will in the long run, probably build stronger skills, but it's a little exhausting now, and takes away from my time on the site. I don't want to break my streak, and I like hearing the audio.


    Now THAT is annoying!


    Yes, that was so great. I am always baffled by programmers that eliminate features and consider it an upgrade. Totally nonsensical. Add new features, change around -- sure. But take something away and call it an upgrade? Always strikes me as bizarre.

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