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"I can take something for you."

Translation:Mogę coś wziąć dla ciebie.

September 5, 2016



What would be a correct way to incorporate cię instead of ciebie here?

"Mogę wziąć cię coś."?


There's none. Although it's Genitive, and "cię" is also a Genitive option, it will not work here at all. I don't know how to explain why, unfortunately.

You can change the construction to Dative and it will be almost exactly what you wrote: "Mogę wziąć ci coś", "Mogę wziąć tobie coś".


So cię is never used after dla? Only ciebie?


you never use cię and all "short forms" after preposition.


Yes, that's for sure.


The way I was taught was that when it follows a preposition, ciebie is used instead of cię. So it's: "Szukam cię" and "Nie lubię cię" but "Idę do ciebie" and "Jestem obok ciebie" and "To jest dla ciebie", for example. There may be other reasons ciebie is used instead of cię in the Genitive, but certainly following a preposition is a major one. This exact same thing happens in Accusative as well.


I switched the two words wziąć and coś, and it marked me as almost correct. I was trying to follow word order based on the english translation. Is this wrong? Is there a proper word order in polish?


I've heard people say both - "coś wziąć" and "wziąć coś" often enough that it's hard to tell which is correct, though in this particular sentence "coś wziąć" does sound more natural to me. If you'd switch them in this sentence when speaking, probably no one would notice.

It may not be the case in other sentences, though. For example: "Jeśli to ci się nie podoba, mogę wziąć coś innego" (If you don't like this, I can take something else) - in this case you could not switch "wziąć" with "coś", that would be definitely incorrect.


Is it wrong to say "Mogę wziąć dla was coś"? I tried this to avoid having the pronoun at the end but it didn't work


If you say it that way, you're emphasizing coś


Hmm so the "neutral" form of this phrase does need the pronoun at the end?


It's tricky business with those pronouns. Perhaps the best way is "Mogę coś dla was wziąć".


I think, putting it at the end is not a big deal here, because, it's not an (in)direct object, but a prepositional construction.


Hmm is that so? If so it makes life easier


I wrote: ""Mogę wziąć ci coś", (which I see below is the 'Dative' construction), but it is indicating a Wrong Word was used and giving the correct result as: mogę wziąć coś dla was.? Am I missing something?


I think it sounds a bit too colloquial to accept, and also if I used it, I would say "Mogę ci coś wziąć". But the meaning seems the same.


Because it's wziąć dla ciebie. That's a different meaning than wziąć ci. "For you" vs. "to you."


In what situations would one use simple wziąć here vs. a prefixed version such as zabrać or a prepositional phrase such as wziąć ze sobą?

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