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Problems loading redesigned site in Firefox

I'm using Firefox on a Mac. Since I was switched to the new design, the "home" page on Duolingo (and thus my tree) has been basically unusable. I have to sit and wait for about a minute before I can click on ANYTHING, and if I try to scroll down my tree (even after giving it several minutes to load) -- to access any but the first few skills -- the page freezes for 30+ seconds before jerking a half-inch down the page. It would probably take me ten minutes to get to the bottom of my tree. (Never had any problems with the old design.)

When I tried it on Safari just now (which I don't like to use because it's an old version), it worked fine, and all of Duolingo loaded very quickly.

So, is this something to do with the redesign, and it just doesn't work with Firefox very well? Is it being worked on? Is there something I can do (besides just using Safari) to fix it?


February 8, 2014



What version of Firefox and what OS are you using? This extra info will help us troubleshoot :) Thanks!


It is somewhat older software: Firefox 16.0.2 and OS X 10.5.8.

Thanks for looking into this. I appreciate it!


Thanks for sending more info :)


Is there any update on this? Duo is still basically unusable in Firefox for me. Thanks!

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