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"Vi sover hele dagen i morgen."

Translation:We will sleep all day tomorrow.

September 5, 2016


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why is "all the day" not accepted ?


Just because it's way too literal, no one would say that in English.

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Oh really ? Well, i'm improving my english too, thanks!


Is it wrong "vi vil sove hele dagen i morgen" ???


If there's already a point in time given, introducing an additional vil makes it sound like you want to do it, instead of that it will just happen.
Which is pretty fine for this sentence.


One thing has been puzzling me greatly, and it's not explained in the notes on the future. When do you use the present with future reference, and when vil or skal? However, RyagonIV's comment below may help. In the current sentence there is a specific future time reference 'hele dagen i morgen'. As they say, if you add 'vil' it would be as if you want to do it. And, though he doesn't mention this, if you added 'skal', presumably that would be you ought to do it.

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