"This is not a good period."

Translation:To nie jest dobry okres.

September 5, 2016

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I'm struggling with dobry. In which cases it gets rz instead of r?


Only in masculine personal plural. Check out this page: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Polish/Adjectives - the case I've mentioned is the only one marked red in this table and as it says there: "final consonant group must be palatized (or "softened"), and "i" or "y" must be added, depending on result". They also have some examples for softening rules.

In other words, "ry" will convert to "rzy", if you can complete the sentence: "Oni są...", for example - "Oni są dobrzy", "Oni są mądrzy", "Oni są starzy".


Also in the adverb: "dobrze".


Is "To nie jest dobra pora" also correct?


No, not here. I think this sentence is like "This is not a good period of my life", something longer. While "To nie jest dobra pora" is like "This is not a good time, I am very busy at the moment".


Odd, then, that 'pora roku' is season (three months long).

Is 'pora' a close synonym of 'chwila'?


No, I wouldn't say that. It's mostly translated to "time", for example "Pora spać!" is what you'd say to your children for "It's time to sleep!", "To nie pora na to" means "It is not the time for that", and "Spotkajmy się w porze obiadu" is "Let's meet at lunchtime".

I think that "czas" could work in all of the above (although "w czasie obiadu" is literally "during lunch", and "w porze obiadu" doesn't by itself imply that you'd be eating lunch).

On the other hand, the whole notion of time (e.g. time and space) is definitely "czas".

"pora roku" is therefore "time of the year". But here "czas roku" wouldn't work. "czas w roku" (time in a year) is a possible phrase, but it doesn't imply spring/summer/autumn/winter.


I thought I use the instrumental here?? But no.


No, that's a "This is Y" sentence, you don't use Instrumental in those.


Can it be "To jest nie dobry okres" ? Does it really matter if "nie" should be before "jest"?


It matters. You should negate "being a good period" and not the adjective "good". If you negate the adjective, 'nie' gets glued to it, creating "niedobry". Which is not an exact antonym of "good" it's more like "not-good" than "bad". Anyway, it's not a translation.


Would it be very odd to change the word order here to "nie jest to dobry okres"?


I think it's a tad bookish (?), but at least for this particular sentence, it sounds natural to me.

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