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"Disse påskeæg er trælse at finde."

Translation:These Easter eggs are annoying to find.

September 5, 2016



"It is annoying to look for these Easter eggs", yes, but the eggs themselves cannot be annoying.


A person or a situation is annoying, not an inanimate object. 'Difficult to find' is a better translation.


"Hard to find" should be an option.


Can a native give an opinion on this please? Can it mean hard to find as many of us suspect or is it specifically annoying?


As far as I am concerned bonbayel is level native. She said previously that she has lived in Denmark for the last 30 something years, also teaching.


Can trælse also be called "irritert"


'Tricky to find' would be a good alternative. I don't know if it would be accepted.


So, unless this is an idiomatic construction in Danish, it is a terrible sentence. Instead of 'trælse', 'vanskeligt' should be used giving the translations suggested - difficult/hard to find. If it is a Danish idiom, then the suggested alternative translations are more correct, including the one sirpa879157 wrote.

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