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  5. "לא היה לו מים, אז הוא התעלף."

"לא היה לו מים, אז הוא התעלף."

Translation:He did not have water, so he fainted.

September 5, 2016



Is it not correct to say "לא היו לו מים"? On the other hand, that is what I understand in the audio too...


You are right. The written sentence is wrong.


you are correct, however it is not wrong to say לא היה לו מים since water in hebrew like in english is an uncountable noun. The difference is you CAN use it in hebrew as a plural noun. so both לא היה and לא היו are ok.


Still broken in July 2018


Earlier it said he passed out because she told him to leave, and now he is trying to change the story... too late, we already know the truth.


חחח כן הוא מתעלף הרבה :)


• What's written: lo haya lo mayim, az hu hit'alef.

• What she says (and what the commenters say is correct): lo hayu lo mayim, az hu hit'alef.


My answer 'He didn't have any water, so he fainted' was marked incorrect. I'd say my answer sounds more natural in English, and it means the same thing. It isn't necessarily emphatic here; it just sounds more natural.


Congratulations. A+ in English.


Similarly to someone who commented a year ago, my answer 'He didn't have any water so he fainted.' was marked incorrect. Pity this course is not updated with corrections, as do French, Spanish and German.


She says לא היו לו מים but the word bubble choices make you pick לא היה לו מים

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