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"One of the boys is traveling by ship, the other by plane."

Translation:Az egyik fiú hajón utazik, a másik repülőgépen.

September 5, 2016



My translation was "Az egyik fiu hajon utazik, a masik a repulogepen." I guess it was rejected because I put a definite article before "repulogepen" - what's the reason behind that? Is that just because the English doesn't say "...the other on the plane"?


Yep. You don't care on which plane he's travelling.


It appears to be equally correct to say 'hajóval' and 'repülőgéppel'. Is it true for all modes of transport that -n and -val/vel are equally correct?


Yes. Using -val is closer to the English "by [vehicle]", while -ban and -n are more "on/in a [vehicle]".

  • hajóval - by boat
  • vonattal - by train
  • autóval - by car
  • biciklivel - by bike
  • gyalog - by foot
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