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why did you start learning Greek?

I started because I LOVE mythology. Greek mythology and books are to things I can't live without.

September 5, 2016



I started learning Greek because I am going to Greece soon, and I think it's a really fun language. (and to yell at Alexander the Great in Civ V because he always tries to declare war on me)


Lmao. I study Greek and play civ 5 all the time. Very upsetting there's no language pack..


Because I'm interested in foreign language and culture. Greece has had a major influence on the history and languages of the world, as most people are aware. Plus, it's such an elegant language


Tourism, mainly. Greece is a golden place to visit if you're interested in history, sunny beaches, and all inbetween.

It is also a friendly gesture to show you are learning it.


Because after at least 10 years of visiting Greece at least once a year on average, and sometimes staying up to 6 weeks, I think it's about time I got beyond καλημέρα, καλησπέρα, καληνύχτα and ενχαριστώ.


I just couldn't resist making a reply! I have visited Greece for eleven years in a row and am so embarassed when with those locaI people that I have known for so many years. They won't believe their ears when I get back in September! Would you, Kags, like to be my fellow learner since I am just approaching level 10?


Sorry for the delay in responding. It sounds like we have similar objectives, so that sounds like a good idea to encourage us both. My next visit is May, so I have a somewhat shorter timescale!


I wanted to learn a language that used non-Roman script and Greek seemed like it would be the easiest.


It seems like a neat language and I was really curious about what it's like. I like history and mythology, but that's not why I decided to check out the language. It's just a bonus.


I started for the same reasons MaddieKateNelson did. The Percy Jackson series is my 2nd favorite book series, and I know a ton of Greek myths.






Today's the release date of The Hammmer of Thor, the second book in Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase series.


Ahhh, as someone who never read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson was the definition of my childhood reading. I still read it now from time to time.


Greek Mythology is a tenth of the reason I wanted to learn Greek. Even though Ancient Greek would be the language of the Olympians, their parents and their decedents, I chose Modern Greek because I really like Greek culture (and food). It also sounds so nice and unique. Greece is on my bucket list of places to visit.


I think is a beautiful language and it sounds very interesting!


I want to improve in my knowledge of the alphabet so I can enhance my understanding of the Bible, and also because so much of the languages many of us speak are so influenced by Greek. It's fascinating! I grew up in a town that had a sizable Greek community, and it was fascinating hearing the language at the yearly Greek festival they had every year, and at the Greek Orthodox church we visited a few times. I understood a lot of Italian and Spanish words growing up, but Greek seemed a little more elusive, especially when I heard it spoken. I'm looking forward to Tagalog coming out for a lot of these same reasons. Hearing it spoken was a part of my growing up years, and Duolingo presents a nice opportunity to learn it!


I started because I want to immerse myself in Greek literature. Also, I am pretty sure that it will be fun. Let's see how it goes.


I spent a year learning Ancient Greek from a textbook because I wanted to read Ancient Greek authors in the original language (it was fun, and I even got through a bit of Xenophon). I also started collecting Greek stamps and I would like to be able to read them. Besides, it's fun!


I was curious to learn because of Hannah Arendt's books. This fabulous political theorist has many works full of references from Plato and Aristotle in the original, analysing the course through history of concepts of both philosophers . so, I think learning this would get me more acquainted about them. But, English is not my original language, so that will demand me more attention.


I have a degree in Ancient Greek and wanted to see just how different Demotic is


Α. Its history and culture: to name a few, philosophy, phenomena, system, program, mathematics, physics, methodology, paradigm. The Greek language is a key to understand the culture today.

Β. I am a fan of Nana Mouskouri.

Γ. After a few courses, I found even some "small words" like δεν and και keep the ancient form. That sounds amazing for me. Though my mother tongue also survives thousands of years, most grammatical words are replaced.

Δ. In addition, I hope to visit Greece some day.

Ε. Another "too personal" reason is that my classical Greek textbooks are too fast-paced. The Duolingo tree provides more exercise and more revisions for me. At least, the difference between modern Greek taught here and ancient Greek seems much smaller than that between modern Chinese and classical Chinese.


My mother and I started learning Greek in 2009 because we were visiting there for a couple of weeks. We were able to read menus and carry on basic conversations, and people liked that we took the trouble. I've been waiting for the course while working on the reverse tree in the meantime.


I'm doing my PhD research on modern Greece and need to learn Greek to do the fieldwork. Also it's really fun!


Why not? :) It's a beautiful language, and Greece is a beautiful country. And I am looking so much forward to travelling to Crete this summer and being able to say more than "Καλημέρα", "Καλησπέρα" and "Ευχαριστώ" :)


I began learning Greek in 2018 because i visited Cyprus 2 years before and because I found Duolingo which I found easy, prolific and fruitful to work with. Also, I wanted to switch between English and Russian that became somehow typical for me ··· And I´ve got affection towards Greek letters. lol.


I'm not even learning Greek! I'm only commenting: 1) Because MaddieKateNelsen is my sister, and 2) I want to annoy her. And to tell you that Percy Jackson is the best.



HA HA HA... not funny sis!

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