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"Esztergom and Budapest lie beside a river."

Translation:Esztergom és Budapest folyó mellett fekszik.

September 5, 2016



I don't understand why the verb is in the singular here.


Because all the nouns in the subject are in the singular.

Hungarian likes to keep things singular if it can get away with it :)

It's possible to use a plural verb as well in such a case, but I gather that this is a recent innovation based on western European languages.


In English, to keep the verb singular, you'd have to say "subject A and subject B each singular-verb." Otherwise, the plural. Maybe "each" is sort of implied in Hungarian?


I presume there is no "egy" before "folyó" because Esztergom and Budapest are on different rivers.


They both lie on the bank of the river Danube ...


And the verb is at the end because...? I put the fekszik before the folyo and it marked it wrong. I know that Hungarian likes the verbs at the end but I thought that the cities were as much or more in focus than the river.

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