"The cow and the milk."

Translation:Η αγελάδα και το γάλα.

September 5, 2016

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How do you know when to use Η, when to use το, when to use ι, etc etc!!!!!!!!! This is so confusing to me!! I can't find an answer on the internet either. Can anyone explain?


Interesting. Do "cow" and "milk" have the same root? Looks like they do


Seems to be a coincidence.

αγελάδα "cow" is from αγέλη "herd" according to Wiktionary, which in turn is from άγω "to lead" -- so a cow is a "herd animal" which is "an animal that's led". (Sort of.)

The fact that it looks a bit like γάλα is a coincidence.


Thank you! I saw γ and λ and the unusually long word for "cow" and thought, hmmm could cow be a "milk producer" or something lol


What is that sound she makes for the "γ" in "γαλα"?


cow ends in a so is feminine so I correctly used H but milk also ends in a - so is that not feminine? and if so, why To instead of H


Not all words ending in α are feminine. (Nor are all words ending in ος masculine.)

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