"An apple or an orange, please."

Translation:תפוח או תפוז, בבקשה.

September 6, 2016

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Why would there not be an addition "או" before the apple?


Was it או תפוח או תפוז? I can't see it here. או... או is the Hebrew form for "either... or". So in this case I think it's better without the first או but still, it's a similar idea.


For the word " or " sometimes I see the word "או" or just the prefix "ו". Is there a difference?


"or" is או, while "and" is the ו prefixed to nouns


What is the difference between בבקשה and אנא and נא, they all are seen as "please". Also can בבקשה mean "please" and "you are welcome" both.


The word בבקשה is used colloquially to mean please. נא and אנא are used very formally or in specific phrases, as well as in the Torah and it's commentary. These words are explored further down the tree.

The word בבקשה means please, you're welcome, and here you go (when serving something).

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