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  5. "התחבאי מהשוטרים!"

"התחבאי מהשוטרים!"

Translation:Hide from the police officers!

September 6, 2016



You could say "hide from the police," which could mean the squad, the department, or more than one policeman.


Police is משטרה


In AE, when talking about police officers in the plural, we typically use a term like "police officers", "policemen", or "cops" when used with a number, and just use "the police" when used as a collective noun without a number. We would say "there are two policemen at the door", or "the police are at the door". It appears that in Hebrew the use of "משטרה" is more restricted, so we would translate "hide from the police" as "מתחבא מהשוטרים" rather than as "מתחבא מהמשטרה", or "the police are outside" as "יש שוטרים בחוץ" rather than "יש משטרה בחוץ". Slightly different nuances in the use of language. For this exercise, "hide from the police" should be an acceptable answer!


It would be too confusing to be honest. I agree with you it's used in English, but I think it would really confuse what would be used in Hebrew.


"Hide from the police" accepted today.

2020-06-13 rich739183


Hitchab'i¹ me'ha-shotrim

¹ 2nd person (you), fem, singular. (To a woman)

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