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  5. "האישה שותָה מים."

"האישה שותָה מים."

Translation:The woman is drinking water.

September 6, 2016



How is the Second word pronounced? שותה


You might want to try the Reverso app, I use it for translating but it pronounces words, forvo does this too.


The woman drinks water


why is "the woman drinks water" wrong?


It gave me the option of drink or drinking, but not drinks. I did not have the option of typing my own choice of words, but only of choosing from the words that they displayed. If I were typing the words myself, I would expect what you typed to be accepted as correct.


I write the right think the whole time but.it.doesnt take it..then i need to skip a level in order to be able to go on and i miss things


I thought the female version would have a "ת" at the end. ShotAh was already used for male version or am I wrong? אוחל (m) and אוחלת (f) were logical for me. But I have my issues with "drinking".


The masculine is ShotEH שׁוֹתֶה. Without vowels (nikud), they look the same; presumably that's why the sentence at the top of this page is shown with the "ah" vowel שותָה.
The vowels in Duolingo are hard to see. A good source for conjugations is Pealim.com, which shows nikud as well as transliteration; e.g., https://www.pealim.com/dict/31-lishtot/


Great explanation and very helpful link. Thanks Brother. Much appreciated.


Another answer right and you said wrong!!!


ha-ishah shotah mayim

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