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"The rich people move out to America."

Translation:A gazdag emberek kiköltöznek Amerikába.

September 6, 2016



Is "a gazdagak" wrong?


Correct form : "gazdagok". But then you leave out the "people" from the sentence, because it already refers to people. "A gazdagok kiköltöznek Amerikába."


trityu is right. We use rich "gazdag " as an adjective before a noun. Therefor we don't make it plural.


Why is it "Amerikába" rather than "Amerikához"? Is it because when you go to countries or cities, etc, you go "onto" them rather than "toward" them?


Literally, you go into the country. Moreover, it's the triad: in America = Amerikában; to America = Amerikába; from America = Amerikából


Oh, right, INTO. I forgot which ending went with which preposition. Ba/be = into, ra/re = onto. I mixed them up. Also, someone explained to me a while ago that "Amerikához" would mean going toward the US but ending up beside it, in Mexico, Canada, or an ocean. :) Forgot that, too.


------- how about: a gazdag emberek amerika'ba ko:lto:znek ki . . . ? . . .

Big 18 feb 21

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