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  5. "הוא לא ילד רגיל."

"הוא לא ילד רגיל."

Translation:He is not a normal boy.

September 6, 2016



In case anyone wants an easy way to remember this, normal -> regular -> ReGuLar -> RaGiL


I would say "ordinary" here.


Agree. I know there's some Israelis using this course to learn English so while I have no idea if this is maybe the case in Hebrew too but in English, in most cases saying "He's not a normal boy" would be rather offensive. Unless we're talking about Harry Potter or something where it's clear you mean better than "normal".

I suppose a lot is in tone as well (and assume that would true with the sentence in Hebrew as well) but just stood out to me as I guess it did to you.


Yes, it's distinctly negative and implies a pathology.


זה טוב לדעת, תודה רבה.


Yeah, I heard he has the power to turn invisible, but that he's so humble he only uses it when nobody's watching him.


that's not very impressive. there was a boy who used to be ALWAYS invisible to the smart, beautiful girls of his native country.

but eventually the boy grew up, learned other languages, became a handsome young man who travelled far and wide and discovered his power also worked on smart, beatiful women of many other countries.

who? oh just someone i knew, a friend from childhood. let's not dwell on the identity of this interesting character, let's move on to the next exercise.


Not a normal boy: https://www.wpxi.com/news/national/boy-2-is-america-s-youngest-mensa-member/915218590

Not normal: https://www.idf.il/en/minisites/soldiers-of-the-idf/autism-in-the-idf-meet-the-soldiers-of-intelligence-unit-9900/

Not normal can mean different things. Normal is a baseline, just like average. Both links feature not normal, but extraordinary nonetheless.


Is this from the trailer for "Young Sheldon"?


Is "He is no ordinary boy." not an okay translation? I checked and "He is not an ordinary boy." was accepted. Has my version just not been added or is there something wrong with it?


you may put an indefinite article in your sentence, in fact He is not an ordinary boy is correct


In Hebrew, does this have the connotation that he is worse than normal? That he is better than normal?

Or does it just mean he is not normal, with no implications as to whether he's better, worse, or neither?


In a comment above, Dov360473, who is a native speaker I believe, said that the sentence is distinctly negative. At any rate, I can’t imagine any language in the world where this sentence would be taken as positive, unless an admiring tone of voice for example were factored in. In everyday life, normality of behavior is how people discern that others are not a threat to them. An exception would be something like: “You’re not normal, you’re extraordinary!”

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