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  5. "Φέρε το κινητό μου."

"Φέρε το κινητό μου."

Translation:Bring my cellphone.

September 6, 2016



Nobody, that I know uses the word cellphone, the genera word is "my mobile" or "my mobile phone". Maybe cellphone is used in the U.S? I think mobile might be added as an alternative.

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Yes, cellphone is the word used in the States (and Canada?). Most sentences accept mobile (phone), but a few are lacking it as an alternative; just report it.


"Φέρε" = 1st person. Shouldn't it be "Φέρτε" or "Φέρνετε"?


No, φέρε is 2nd person singular imperative (command form).

Perhaps you're thinking of the 3rd person past tense, but that would be έφερε (with augment - the extra epsilon in front), "he brought".

With verbs that have at least three syllables, the two forms often look the same, e.g. διάβασε "he/she/it read -- read!".

φέρτε is the 2nd person plural imperative, so when you speak politely, or to several people.


"Bring me my cellphone" was refused, although this is the exact reverse translation of the same question asked in Greek...


Bring me my cellphone = Φέρ(τ)ε μου το κινητό μου

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