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  5. "הם ילדים מגעילים."

"הם ילדים מגעילים."

Translation:They are disgusting children.

September 6, 2016



As the mother of young boys, I think this sentence is a completely appropriate response to, say, belching contests or poop jokes.


Thank you! Now that I have a good image to go with מגעילים, I have a hope of remembering the word.


or here's a mnemonic you may find useful: those disgusting children make maggie ill (mag-il) מגעיל


Haha, Tara :)


Dov360473, I hear you. And yet, I think many find these kinds of sentences more entertaining. Learning a language is a lot of repetition and can get quite boring. And the vocabulary available is limited.

Personally I'm a bit tired of hearing about children and dogs. I wish we'd hear about mice and bears and pigeons a bit more often, and then everyone would be happy! But I suppose, in real life, children and dogs are the subject of many more sentences.

In what lesson do we learn the verb "to kill?" Might want to skip that one. :)


I like the idea of speaking more upliftingly than the world might speak in order to encourage the world to be better than it seems. Good try Dov360473.


I don't. Acting like the world is better only makes it worse, because then we don't see what we actually have to change about the world. Changing the world is suffering, you have to fight against the inertia of the whole world; it's not supposed to be as easy as ignoring it.


Thank you. Unfortunately, we seem to be in the minority.


Yes BurleighBl


Ugly = מכוער. זה נכון או לא? איך אומרים מגעיל?


It’s a good idea to call the behavior disgusting, not the children themselves. If you call children disgusting, that might become a self-fulfilling prophecy. (“Mom thinks I’m disgusting, so I don’t suppose it does any good to try to change.”) Similarly, God hates the sin and loves the sinner. I never called my children or other people’s children negative things, only their behavior, but Duolingo forced me to if I want to continue this course.

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