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"Amanhã vamos para a casa da minha irmã."

Translation:Tomorrow we are going to my sister's house.

February 5, 2013



tomorrow we go to my sister's house, is right in my humble opinion


"tomorrow we are going to the house of my sister" was my answer incorrectly marked wrong - this translation is correct and should be added to the solutions.


What's wrong with 'tomorrow we are going to the house of my sister' ? (other than being awkward wording :p )


I would say it's a bit more than awkward; I doubt it's something many native speakers would say. To put it in perspective, "my sister's house" gets 150 hits in Google, "the house of my sister", 22, and those are mainly in grammar discussions about how English possessives work. The handful of examples in Google Books are mainly from the 19th century:



I'm 65 years old, live in the United States, and have it heard it both ways, though my sister's house is more popular. Both should be accepted.


Is it reasonable to translate as "tomorrow, let's go to my sister's house"?


"Tomorrow we are going to my sister's home" was marked wrong. (24/07/18) I thought casa means both: house and home ?


Yes, "home" should also be accepted.


Thank you, Paulenrique. I can always count on you!


"Tomorrow we will go to the house of my sister" was my answer incorrectly marked wrong - There should be flexibility in translating sentences provided the correct words and meaning are present.


Why can't I say to the 'house of my sister'


I think "Tomorrow we go to the house of my sister" should be accepted. It still has the future sense in it.


Five years ago it was pointed out the "head to my sister's house" is an idiom, and that a perfectly acceptable translation is "to go to my sister's house".

Five years later, it's not fixed.

Why do we post bug reports, if not in the hope that future learners will benefit?


Why do you assume that I only one sister lives in the house? If more than one sisters' is correct?


Ridiculous that "Tomorrow we are going to the house of my sister" is considered incorrect.


You're right. It's not incorrect. It does, however, sound a bit strange. Normally I would say "My sister's house/home" and not "The house/home of my sister".

Perhaps other English speakers would say "the house of my sister".. I don't know. But in my opinion it sounds weird, although correct.


Tomorrow we go to the house of my sister... why is this wrong??

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