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"Το παιδί μας δεν είναι οικογενειακός τύπος."

Translation:Our child is not a family type.

September 6, 2016



Is that an idiomatic phrase? It's not something that you'd say in english...


OK thanks, the english phrase sounds really odd and inappropriate.


Does it? If I had a son who didn't want to start a family would it not be fair to say that my child is not the family type?


You could say it and it would be understood but it simply isn't how one would express such a thought. It sounds odd.


This idea is more commonly expressed as "My son doesn't want to have a family". There is another expression "a family man", but that's never been used with "my child".


I'm confused how to use this phrase :/... Does this expression mean "Our child doesn't like spending time with his family", or "Our child doesn't want to get married and have children", or "Our child is not a sociable personality", or all of them?? Is this something you'd say in everyday conversation?


This translation does not make sense in English at all. Retry?


I agree. We do say that a man is a family man. This means that he does not play around. But we do not speak of a family type.


A family man isn't someone who doesn't play around (have affairs) - he's just a father who spends time with his family.


Maybe its a Br English phrase? To me " He is not the family type" or " kind" seems like a normal phrase meaning someone who prefers the company of friends to that of his family.


Using "a" in the English translation may be grammatically correct, but I believe "the" works better here. As in, "Our child is not the family type." But, "Our child is not a family man," is another way to say it using "a" as the article.


Does this mean he doesn't like hanging out with the family?


It means that it doesn't like living with a family. :-)


The English is wrong. In this kind of phrase, you must use "the," not "a. " "Our child is not the family type." - though "family kind" would be better English.


"Our child isn't the family sort" was rejected. Can it please be considered as an acceptable alternative?


It is already one of the accepted translations and your report shows it was accepted.


Seems that in English we would say: not “the” family type


Does it mean he just wants to go out with girls but not marry them ?


Maybe it means she does not want to stay at home and do the housework!!


It sounds strange in Greek, too. Basically it means that the person doesn't like being in a family unit or creating their own. It could mean that the person isn't the type to be in a family and/or the type to communicate with their existing one. A true "family type" would like to be with their birth family and create their own and the total opposite would be a person who'd rather avoid such structures.


Do we remove the article "a =ένας" because there is a negative in the sentence?

... Το παιδι μας δεν είναι ενας οικογενειακός τύπος.


No, we remove it because the indefinite article can be omitted when the following noun cannot be more than one (but can be kept when we want to emphasize). So, our child cannot be two family types, so the indefinite article can be omitted.

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