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  5. "הוא תלמיד שלילי."

"הוא תלמיד שלילי."

Translation:He is a negative student.

September 6, 2016



A "negative student"? I've been a college teacher for years and never heard of a student being characterized as either positive or negative. Some are A+. Some may fail. But "negative"?


It's not a pedagogy issue, so no worries


I'm less worried about pedagogy here than I am about the judgment.


If we just focus on the grammar, I think we can achieve the goal of learning grammar.

Think of it as a sentence that someone else says, and you hear it (whether you agree or not) so you can comment on it!


Does this mean the student is doing badly, failing the course? Or is it talking about the students attitude?


Guys, again, let me express something which you can see only from inside of Israel and it have to do with how people are here, it is a cultural thing. I have been taught by israeli teachers in Ulpan (school of Hebrew for new immigrants) and for them the students are either negative or positive. Israelies are mostly optimistic people and are also very open or frank. They are not at all afraid to offend you, like Not At All!!! The fact that you will take an offence if criticized hard and straight into your face,nis Your and Your only problem and not a problem of a person who has been criticising you. He/She feels that by critisicing you He/She did a favor to you, and at the very minimum (if you feel that you have to take it personally and are stupid enough to take the offence close to your heart, rather than be gratefull for being corrected and take it light heartedly and be cheerfull about it), helped other students on your example. 'A negative student' is a guy who will take offence, will take it personally, will not take a correction of a teacher as an opportunity to lough about his own mistakes together with other student, and instead of having fun, will brood, will take offence and will be pessimistic or just upset and not happy. About 100 persent of male and female non-muslim israelies are being drafted to the military, for 2-3 years. If you get too negative there, you will not be happy. So it has to be 'acuna matata' (see Lion King cartoon for the explanation of this philosophy) ro life in Israel will be too unbearable. The sentence make sence to an average Israeli in the contrxt of the life they live. They are mostly cheerful people.who do not hold grudges. I hope this helps.


There are many negative students in Duolingo too. See comments around. Disfory. Dysthymy. Anhedony. Melancholy. Subdepression. Etc.


Is this an idiom in Hebrew for a student with a bad attitude perhaps?


Does this refer to having a bad attitude or just being a bad human being?


I imagine a dad asking his college-aged daughter about her romantic interest in a fellow student. “What? I thought you liked him. Out of all the students in your class, he’s top notch!” “Well, he’s also a negative student.”

Granted, in this case she would probably say “He’s a negative person.” However in this scenario, the daughter does well to judge whether or not she wants to live her life with a negative person. My point is that if I see a sentence that seems judgmental, I like to think of a case in which I might be misunderstanding the perfectly acceptable sentence. When I was a teacher, I once had to discipline a third-grade boy on the grounds of what seemed to be incontrovertible evidence of his guilt. Later I found out that he was actually innocent and I hadn’t considered all the possibilities. Incidents like that make me careful about saying that other people are in the wrong when they may not be.


תלמיד שלילי זה "- תלמיד"


So, pupil would be considered incorrect?


Pupil is actually more correct, since סטודנט is used for college student, and תלמיד refers to a primary or secondary school pupil. In the US, the term 'student' is now applied to all levels of education.


I wanted to translate this as a failing student but I figured Duo wouldn't like it.

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