"Azokba a tavakba sok eső esik."

Translation:A lot of rain falls into those lakes.

September 6, 2016

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Is tavak the plural form from tó, or is it another word?


Yes, It's the plural form of tó.


It's a word with an irregular stem, others are for example ló (pl. lovak), kő (pl. kövek).


What's wrong with "It rains a lot into those lakes"?


I think nothing beacuse you can't translate the Hungarian sentence into English word-by-word. I reported it.


Two years later it has still not been corrected. I´ll report it again.


There are a couple of things wrong with "It rains a lot into those lakes".
The Hungarian sentences is about the amount of rain, but "It rains a lot" usually means that it rains often. Also, to my ears, "It rains ... into those lakes" sounds awkward and unnatural. I much prefer the given translation, "A lot of rain falls into those lakes."


Am I the only one who find it nearly impossible to hear the "a" in front of "tavakba" in the recording?


Sometimes it is very difficult, when the sentences are spoken in such a speed. I had the same problem many times. After some more lessons you will automatically hear more than now. :-)


Thanks for the encouragement. Also I hope that I will be able to know things intuitively at some point. Did you finish the Hungarian course? With level 19 it could seem so :-)


I am only at Level 13 from English to Hungarian and at Level 16 from Hungarian to English, which I started first. Hungarian is a lot more difficult for me, than English, French and Italian, in which I reached Level 18/19 quite easily, without great effort or time. I went quickly through the Beta Hungarian version and finished the tree at Level 12, but at that point a fluent conversation is not yet possible and while exercising again and again, my progress still dissapoints me often. My problem is mainly, that I could never (in any language) remember the rules, cases a.s.o. I am impressed by the knowledge and linguistic understanding of some people here, who helped me a lot, when I was stuck to catch it only by intuition. Yes, I want to encourage you to go on, like others encouraged me too, or at least understood, when I was about to quit. It is a great challenge to learn Hungarian and at the moment I do not need another one. Be proud, that you already reached Level 9.


grammatically you can't write " lotS of rain fallS into those lakes. Why not accept "it rains a lot"?


"It rains a lot" would be more literally translated with "nagyon esik" or "sokat esik". Not sure if it should be accepted.


Can rain not fall "onto" lakes?


It seems like liquids usually go "into" other liquids. Well, as long as they mix.

  • pouring milk into coffee
  • spitting into a lake
  • there are solvents in this river
  • pumping waste into the sea
  • there is oil in/on the lake (surface)

If your lake is frozen over, you can say that rain falls "onto" it, though.

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