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"Ο αγρότης έχει πολλά χωράφια."

Translation:The farmer has many fields.

September 6, 2016


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Is "plots" a correct alternative here? English native speakers?


I would say no.

A plot is a piece of land for building a house on, or a single allotment in an allotment garden, but I wouldn't use it for an agricultural space that is worked by a farmer.


I would most certainly use 'plot' as an agricultural space for a farmer, but generally it does imply a smaller area of land than a 'field'. For example, a subsistence farmer in a developing country would have several plots of land to grow crops.


In my usage of native English English a plot is a area of land which may or may not be used to grow crops or graze animals, it could have buildings on it. In fact, the phrase a "building plot" is in common usage, meaning an area of land designated to be built upon. Except in very special cases a field is an area of agricultural land with boundaries.

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"the farmer has lots of fields" is currently marked as incorrect. "A lot", "lots" and "many" are all quite interchangeable, I'd say, although the first two are a bit less formal than "many".


If it matters, "lots" is not accepted :)

Mine: the farmer has lots of fields

Shown: The farmer has a lot of fields.


I said has lots of fields....Would not except this !

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