"Zsuzsa rarely sees hotels."

Translation:Zsuzsa ritkán lát szállodákat.

September 6, 2016

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'Zsuzsa ritkán szállodákat lát' - please can somebody explain the problem with my word order.


Adverbs modifying a verb should be directly in front of the verb.


The same word order would be bad also in English. You can't say " Zsuzsa rarely hotels sees ".


Using English word order to explain Hungarian is usually a bad idea :) "Zsuzsa hotels sees" is equally bad but Zsuzsa szállodákat lát is fine, as far as I know.


Totally agreed.

But sometimes it is useful to make up a question for the sentence that could be an answer to it. So....

How often does Zsuzsa see hotels?
Zsuzsa ritkán lát szállodákat. - Zsuzsa rarely sees hotels.

What does Zsuzsa see rarely? What is it that Zsuzsa rarely sees?
Zsuzsa ritkán szállodákat lát. - It is hotels that Zsuzsa rarely sees.

Btw., this "Zsuzsa ritkán szállodákat lát" sentence is kind of weird. It is one of those where we have to invent some context to make them acceptable. Nevertheless, it is a possible sentence.


Ritkan Zsuzsa lát szállodákat - who raeley sees hotels? ZSuzsa


Yes, it is good. Just like "Zsuzsa lát ritkán szállodákat."

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