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  5. "A boy is a child."

"A boy is a child."

Translation:Ένα αγόρι είναι ένα παιδί.

September 6, 2016



Why it is ένα and not μία ? Thank you.


The word "αγόρι" is neuter grammatical gender and uses the neuter word "ένα". "Μια" is used for feminine words.


Does anyone know whether Duolingo plans on providing a Greek keyboard for English to Greek learners? So far I am having to use an online Greek keyboard from another site and click letter by letter! I guess without an actual Greek keyboard plugged in there's no easier way to do it!


I use my phone and have added a Greek keyboard on my android in my keyboard input settings. I swipe on the space bar key to switch between the 2.


Check out the Sticky on the Greek Discussion Forum where we have given a list of easy to install Greek keyboards. Scroll down there are other links sent in by learners and one right here thank you nphx2. There some for windows and Mac. Ah, nphx2's link goes straight to the Sticky. Thanks again.



Hi, Garrett. I use SwiftKey and it remembers entire words with the accent.


How about you look at https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17509582 to learn how to do it in Windows.


You can also download an app if you are using android, you can switch your keyboard with a greek keyboard easy


Exactly, that's what I've been doing.


You should be capable of downloading a greek keyboard for your phone. Not for duolingo, but your phone. Check in settings, language or keyboard.


My husband just ordered me a set of Greek keyboard transparent stickers from Amazon which you stick onto your English keyboad,cant waitto get them and try them out!


Happy learning.

Be sure to read the comments on this page for hints.

And most important check out the links on the Greek Forum. There are some especially to help with the keyboard, with grammar etc.



How do you pronounce παιδι?


It's quite simple. First, note the accent is on the last syllable. Then it's: pe (as in pet) and thi (as in thee) **παιδί.

At the top of this page check the microphone

Here is a link with native speakers.

https://forvo.com/search/%CF%80%CE%B1%CE%B9%CE%B4%CE%AF/ Just be careful not to check Ancient Greek. And not to use this word παΐδι (note the different accent)


Is παΐδι just the ancient word for child


No, "παΐδι" and "παιδί" are not the same. Those two dots - diaeresis (διαλυτικά)- on the ΐ mean that the α + ΐ are pronounced as two separate vowels pa EE dee and the word means "rib/chop" as in "lamb chop". Some dictionaries fail to note the difference. The word for child "παιδί" is pronounced "PE dee".

To hear the differences go here https://forvo.com/languages/el/

and type in παΐδι be sure to listen to words with and without the diaeresis.


From speaking to other Greek people, this literally translates to one boy is one child which is confusing me as I am learning the language because I moved to Greece. Can someone clarify if this is correct or whether there is a better way to say it please?


Both "a" and "one" are the same word in Greek. "Ένα αγόρι είναι παιδί" is correct as well.


Sounds like a Game of Thrones line from the Faceless Men

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