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  5. "יש לי אותם מכנסיים."

"יש לי אותם מכנסיים."

Translation:I have the same pants.

September 6, 2016



When was אותם ה taught?


Can someone please explain the structure of "the same" in this sentence for me?


I'm not so sure about how grammatically correct this sentence is. It is widely used colloquially though. Generally, the structure is אותו ה for masculine singular, אותה ה for feminine singular, אותם ה for masculine plural and אותן ה for feminine plural.

So a correct sentence would be יש לי את אותם המכנסיים, with the את being added in order to avoid being too literary and unnatural.


This confuses me; you gave as a correct sentence the same sentence as in the exercise. So does it mean "the same" or "their"? Are you saying it should be אותו ה ?


My example contains the word את. The sentence in the exercise doesn't.


Thanks, I missed that! But isn't that what אותם is, an inflection of את?


An inflected form of את + the definite article ה means "the same". So if the את indicates the direct object of a sentence, it must come either in its original form plus a noun with the definite article, or simply in its inflected form alone.

For example: I saw the man - ראיתי את האיש

I saw him - ראיתי אותו (the את is inflected)

I saw the same man - ראיתי את אותו האיש (the first את indicates the direct object, the second, inflected one, together with the article, means "the same".)


I think this sentence is wrong


"I have those pants" should be accepted.


That would be יש לי את המכנסיים האלו.


"I have them pants." Should be accepted. ;) With a southern accent, of course.


I agree with Jehad : אותם means theirs


No, to say "I have their pants" I think it would be: יש לי את המיכנסיים שלהם

Though this is the very first introduction of אותם as meaning "the same" and it is not mentioned in the unit notes.

Course authors, if you are reading: ambushing learners like this isn't helpful - it's discouraging and frustrating.


Having just finished direct objects, this is really hard to digest, at least how it was introduced.


I have got is awkward, I don't speak that way I don't know anyone who would. It would either be I have it, or I got it.

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