ich bin einkaufen

Is the sentence correct? -- I am shopping

September 6, 2016


Are you a native speaker?

Nope but confirmed with my native speaking girlfriend. She said this is a perfectly fine response if someone were to ask on the phone "where are you right now?". Ich bin einkaufen.

Thaat makes sense. thanks

Found this link that confirms it. This sentence is ok when not present. So although it's not the most common sentence, it's not incorrect. See more on the German Absentiv if you don't believe it :)

i have been shooppin for me is the correct way

Ich kaufe ein* It's a separable phrasal verb. Also, you can't use the verb to be with gerund in german like in english. you use the present simple

I disagree. “Ich bin einkaufen“ is a valid form, called Absentiv. It is mostly used in spoken language, but it is a valid expression.

So, if I understand this correctly, you can only use this construct to tell someone where you are, such as when on a telephone? For example, you can't say "Ich bin denken" if you were in the same room with someone. You would have to say "Ich denke"

Exactly: „Ich denke gerade“. In some regions you would say “Ich bin am (Nach-)Denken”, but that is colloquial.

so would a more correct way to say "i'm shopping" without the absentiv be the following two? 1)ich bin beim einkaufen 2) ich bin am einkaufen

No, "Ich bin einkaufen." is actually one of the most natural ways to say this. "am Einkaufen" or "beim Einkaufen" relates to the act of shopping but "Ich bin einkaufen." is a short form for: "Ich bin weg/aus Haus, um einzukaufen." = "I am away/out of the house to shop." You relate "einkaufen" to the place and the purpose. Another verb this is done with is "gehen". "Ich gehe schwimmen.", "Ich gehe tanzen.", "Ich gehe feiern." meaning: "I am leaving for matters of swimming/dancing/celebrating." or more common: "I go swimming/dancing/celebrating." So while "gehen" looks at the activities as something were you have to walk to, "sein" acts here to say that you already arrived and are now in the act of it.

The standard way is “Ich kaufe gerade ein”. Both 1) and 2) are colloquial, though they are getting more and more common. There are also regional differences. I personally (coming from Baden-Württemberg) would use 2).

It's a bit more restricted than that -- read the Wikipedia article.

This form more or less expresses that you are not currently in the expected location because you are away doing something else but will be back.

"Ich bin denken" sounds a bit odd because people usually don't go to a specific place in order to think.

"Sie ist joggen" or "Er ist einkaufen" or so would work better.

no. Just edited my response

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