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Keyboard Switching

Is there an easier way to switch between keyboards (windows 10, chrome)? It's kind of annoying to constantly have to press windows+space up to three times because I use 4 different keyboards.

September 6, 2016



You can delete the other keyboards temporarily, then you have to press the windows+space key once.

You can add the keyboard again, after your learning session.


I guess this is the best solution. I only wish it could switch automatically like it does on the phone.


Hi I have created a browser plugin for duolingo to enable automatic switching between different keyboards on duolingo. It also shows an mini keyboard of the current keyboard in use!

Several languages are supported try it out

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duokeyboard/dekooljcgfaiokofbciaflklkfniimfa

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/duokeyboard/

Opera: https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/duokeyboard/


This works great, I love it, but something went wrong as of August 2018 in chrome, suddenly letters are appearing ddoouubbllee.

See this thread: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28480942/DuoKeyboard-In-Chrome-browser-Is-Making-All-Characters-Double-strike


I've been using this, and it works soooo much better than having to switch in Windows. But I don't understand what the settings are asking. I just added another language, but am afraid it will mess up my other languages. What's the cheatsheet? What are guide keys? What is the key layout?


This has stopped working: Why?


What exactly has stopped working, and what are you seeing happening instead?


Strange things happen on my desktop PC, tablet, phone. On my desktop using Windows and Chrome, in the lower right side there is a keyboard picture and the abbreviation for current language, ENG in this case; do the ENG/GER/... first then, hit the keyboard for that language's letters. To tell Duo which language I want to practice, click on the country flag next to your picture on the top bar and choose the language on the drop-down. Sometimes to fix things it helps to restart your computer. Hope this helps.


I can't seem to reply to you, Randal, but it's what I'm not seeing. The keyboard is gone. Doesn't show up at all. Nor can I type in Hebrew at all, using the extension. It used to work like a charm. It's like it's not even there at all, now. Can it be brought back?


Good to hear that you like the plugin, last week duolingo updated its website thereby breaking the plugin. No the plugin has been updated so it should be working fine once your browser pulls in the update.

About your other questions. Each language has its own unique settings so you can have different settings for Hebrew, Greek, English etc.

The cheatsheet is the visual guide to show you the positions of the letters on your keyboard.

Using the the key layout option you can change the layout to match the layout of your physical keyboard.

the guide keys are the keys that you use to orientate yourself if you don't look at your keyboard. on a standard qwerty keyboard these are the F and J keys. They typically have bumbs added to them so you can feel them. Using the guidekeys option you can visualize these keys on the cheatsheet to simplify your navigation.

All effects of each setting can be viewed and tested directly when change the options. They are not applied un till you hit the save button so don't worry you mess something up. So don't worry you mess something up.


I've got your plugin, and am using it. Wow, it makes such a difference to not have to switch between languages! Thanks so much for keeping up with this plugin!


I just now tried to find the Duolingo extension for Chrome, and I see three extensions -- Notes, Vocabulary Management, and Immersion Unlock. None of these say they have a keyboard or that they will help me type in a different language. I looked in Firefox as well, but didn't find a plugin that would allow me to type in whatever language was called for.

The previous plugin did that. I could just start typing in Duolino, and I'd be typing in the correct language. If it's been fixed, can you please tell me where to find THAT plugin / extension again? Thanks.


This is the best method I have. Hit windows, type language and add language is the easiest way to add Greek. Took me two seconds and you can hit Windows+Space multiple times to flick through languages. Actually very convenient for a Windows new feature! Shame it can't run on the phone yet where language switching is very easy.

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I have something similar and haven't found an easier way. On the Sticky we've posted a few links and there are newer posts from the community. You might get lucky there and if so please tell us so we can share it. Sorry, I haven't been of much help.

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Thank you Bobboski I'm sending this whole thread to the Sticky page so more people can see it. thank you.


Yes, I posted a link explaining how to do it to the old resources thread, but it probably got lost. http://www.digitalcitizen.life/introducing-windows-8-how-switch-between-keyboard-input-languages Basically, you can pick shortcuts (mostly predifined, sadly) to switch to specific layouts, which is handy if one uses 4 layouts like we do ;)


what keys do u press to get all your answers right on this ?

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Getting all your answers right by pressing keys seems like a dream come true but I don't know which keys those would be.

Maybe you want the Greek keyboard so you can do Greek lessons?

Try this out.


And this for some other information: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23799672


I recommend you try these methods shown in this link:

I don't own Windows 10, so I cannot be of much more help.


I switch keyboard the most common way, proposed already by the OS (I use Ubuntu, it is the same in Windows too). Left Alt+Left Shift.


Very strange. There was a keyboard symbol next to the language abbreviation (e.g., ENG or ESP) that no longer appears. So if I switch the language that I want to type in, I won't know where the other language letters are on my keyboard, e.g., ESP "n" with a tilda or a DEU letter with an umlaut. I've tried the suggestion of holding Space and pressing the Windows key three times, and looking for a drop-down with a keyboard symbol, to no avail. I have no idea why it disappeared. Windows with Chrome operating system. Help would be appreciated.


Other way round - hold windows and press space. Works on Windows 7. If you keep holding windows, it shows the multiple keyboard options on the right. This is also useful when Windows decides you want to type like an American and you actually want to type British


фйукен is "qwerty" in Russian! Give it a try. Switches back to English easily.


Update as of 1 MAY 2019:

"I could just start typing in Duolingo, and I'd be typing in the correct language." [DrSherry2]

This functionality that Sherry mentions is really the only kind of Duo browser extension I care about about the present time. This "report" therefore focusses on that.


There was a Duokeyboard extension for Chrome, but it got broken (presumably by some changes in Chrome) around August 2018. The "brokenness" demonstrated itself by the computer outputting two of whatever letter you had tapped on the keyboard.

As of 1 May 2019, however, the Duokeyboard extension for Chrome is now working again.

The extension can be got here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duokeyboard/dekooljcgfaiokofbciaflklkfniimfa


I downloaded Firefox, and installed the extension called "DuoKeyboard." This worked happily for some time after the Chrome extension "broke" in August 2018, but I noticed on 1 May 2019 that it too was broken now in Firefox 66.0.2 . (If you were typing in a field where Russian letters are the expected output, it would just spit out the standard English letters you have pressed on your keyboard.)

To fix it, you need to update to Firefox version 66.0.3 and it will start working again. (To update, go Help - About Firefox and if there is an update available you will see an update button. Click that if you see it.)

The Firefox extension can be downloaded from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-CA/firefox/addon/duokeyboard/


The extension is working again in both Chrome and Firefox IF you make sure you are using the latest versions of both browsers.

Many MAJOR thanks to the author of this extension. It's a game-changer for Duo on the web. I'd go so far as to say it's absolutely vital for many languages. The author is Nullbrains (https://www.duolingo.com/Nullbrains). Make sure to toss the author a lingot or two!

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