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"The children on the square are sitting under the ninth tree and talking."

Translation:A gyerekek a téren a kilencedik fa alatt ülnek és beszélgetnek.

September 6, 2016



here is beszeltek rejected for talking while sometimes it is mandatory (beszelgetnek is rejected).


I think beszélgetnek is likely a better translation, but I reported beszélnek as another correct answer, too, because, as I understand it, "talk" translates to either beszél or beszélget.


I think "beszél" implies talking as distinct to being engaged in a conversation.


I literally wrote "A gyerekek a téren a kilencedik fa alatt ülnek és beszelgetnek" and I got it wrong for missing the one accent in the last word. Meanwhile I usually put zero accents in my written answers to save time and I always get the point. This app is seriously messed up and I can't tell if anybody is ever actually improving the content or just changing up the graphics.

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