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"Ο άντρας δεν μιλάει Ελληνικά."

Translation:The man does not speak Greek.

September 6, 2016



In an earlier exercise, it asked me to use "δε μιλάει" for "does not speak", but in this exercise it asks me to use "δεν μιλάει" Is that a mistake or are both usable?

[deactivated user]

    Αγαπώ Ελληνικά!! ♡-♡


    I said that man in place of the man, how that man would be said in greek


    This/That man = Αυτός/Εκείνος ο άντρας
    The man = Ο άντρας

    The first structure uses the demonstrative pronoun (which in Greek must be followed by the definite article), the second uses only the definite article.


    https://cooljugator.com/gr/%CE%BC%CE%B9%CE%BB%CE%AC%CF%89 says the third person singular form of μιλάω is μιλά


    We have no idea as only you can see the answer you provided. Please copy and paste your full answer in the comment. :)


    Sorry, we have no way of knowing what you want to ask.


    Τουλάχιστον προσπαθώ!


    Why do the hints have she in them? Even the options has girl making this one even more hard


    Sorry, about that. I've corrected it. I see you have taken on a lot of languages. Try these tips which work for all languages.

    TIPS TO MAKE LEARNING EASIER + HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22424028

    And check out the Greek Forum here with more links.


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