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  5. "The boy is eating."

"The boy is eating."

Translation:הילד אוכל.

September 6, 2016



I am having a hard time with the boy part of this what is the letter after the Hey



י It is the letter yod.


looks like a "yad" good luck with your studies!


This is a hypothetical question. If a lion is watching a boy and wants to say to his hunting partner, "The boy is food", would he say, " אוכל הילד ?


In poetry, songs, and Biblical Hebrew, the subject sometimes follows the verb, so I think אוכל הילד could still mean the boy is eating.


The Hebrew we are learning in this course follows the subject verb pattern, not verb subject pattern, so I don’t think the lion would say ‏אוכל הילד okhel ha-yeled.

He would say ha-yeled okhel with this stress on okhel on the first syllable. But to be even clearer, he could say Ha-yeled hu okhel.


Would be הילד הוא אוכל


Does anyone have some short rules for me?


Rules for what exactly?


What is difference between these letters? ' and י and ן and ו? I mean by sound, by meaning, by usage and by form. I'm really confused with these similar letters.


yod (י) has an "y" sound. Vav (ו) a "v", "o" or "u" sound (depending on the context) and (ן) is a final "nun" (נ), you can diferentiate it from vav because it goes "under" the line, it is longer. The final nun, as the name suggests, is a nun (a "n" sound) when it is at the end of the word (other letters have "final" versions too). Just remember that the smaller is a "yod", the middle is a "vav" and the longer is the final "nun". Take a look at the alphabet table to assosciate the letters to the sounds and during the lessons, will you decorate them. I hope i was helpful, good luck in your studies.


אני אוהב איך קיבלתי את זה נכון!


Random rule: the yod is not slanted.

If your “yod” is slanted, then you accidentally used an apostrophe or you’re looking at a loan word such as jeans ‏ג׳ינס.

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