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  5. "Meu papai gosta de dormir."

"Meu papai gosta de dormir."

Translation:My dad likes to sleep.

February 9, 2014



Is "my father likes to sleep" a valid answer?


Don't really know if duolingo accepts that, but it shouldn't. We really use 'pai' for 'father' and 'papai' for 'dad' or 'daddy'.

note: Most brazilians adults don't use 'papai' because it sounds childish and usually kids do it, but you may find people using it.


I thought when followed by a verb, gostar does not need the de? Or was that another word that drops the proposition with verbs?


In Brazil, and only in Brazil, precisar (to need) drops the "de" when followed by a verb, but in European Portuguese which is followed by all the other Portuguese speaking countries and areas, the preposition is retained with the following verbs too:



Could you show me an example of "precisar" with "de" and without. I'm a brazilian and always put the "de"


I think if you click on the link I had enclosed in my previous comment you will find several examples along with an extensive discussion (in Portuguese as a bonus) that explains even better than I could.

But it is interesting to me indeed that you always include the preposition in Brazil. Thank you for sharing that. From my understanding there are pockets in Brazil where the Portuguese is closer to that of Portugal. And perhaps also for first generation Brazilians with Portuguese parents too. :)

EDIT: 05/19 – I have since discovered that there are several areas in Brazil that do use the preposition with precisar + infinitive.

What this means is Duo should always accept the preposition with precisar and if not, then report.



How would you say My father likes sleep? I never no when to add the 'de'


Also (to add to Alyssontlb's answer), My father likes sleep in the construction of your sentence, the sleep functions as a noun (rather than a verb as in the Duo exercise) which would then be, [o] sono in Portuguese.



The verb "to like", in this case, means "gostar de" in portuguese, because you have to "gostar de alguma coisa"(to like something), because of that you have to put the "de", "gostar de". But in differents contexts could be mean: "Parecer com" (He looks like you), etc.


Very American structure. In UK tend to use gerundive structure instead of infinitive.

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