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"Muszę coś kupić mojemu tacie."

Translation:I need to buy something for my dad.

September 6, 2016



Sorry for my blind ignorance, after reaching this far I should probably know but why is it not, "Muszę kupić coś mojemu tacie"?

It's just the word ordering I don't quite get here.


This also works.

Frankly, with any specific thing, "X kupić" would sound too strange to me to accept even ("Muszę chleb kupić mojemu tacie"? weeeeird), but "coś kupić" sounds better than "kupić coś" to my ear. Maybe it's just more idiomatic.


alternate translations keep failing - frustrating. For example, this translates just fine as "I have to buy something for my dad", but the autograder fails it


Must be a bug :/ As this is obviously a correct answer and we do accept it...


Is it unnatural to say "Muszę coś kupić dla mojego taty"?


No, that's sounds good and is accepted.


Then what's different here? Why the dative case?


We just can say "(to) my father" and "for my father". It's the first option here.


I see. Dziękuję!


Do the two ways of phrasing have slightly different meanings or tones?


No, I don't think so.


Does the expression (dative case) "Muszę coś kupić mojemu tacie" mean that you need to buy something to give to your father, for example , as a gift?

Does the expression "Muszę kupić coś dla mojego taty" mean that you need to buy something (on your father's behalf) so he can give it to someone else?

What I'm trying to say is this: Is there any difference in meaning by using the dative case as opposed to the genitive case?


I think that both potentially could mean "on my dad's behalf", but rather mean that it is for him. With "dla mojego taty" perhaps the "on his behalf" interpretation is slightly more probable?

[deactivated user]

    Some English speakers say "daddy" rather than "dad".


    And some Polish speakers say "tatuś" instead of "tata". Same thing. Diminutives.


    It is a about: Type what you hear and the correct answer is: Muszę coś kupić mojemu tacie But it isnt accepted - in my case.


    If you are sure that you didn't have any typo, that seems like a bug.


    Why not - "I need something to buy for my dad"? Cheers (Like a birthday present, for instance)


    Our native contributor says the following:

    The word order is sort-of OK, but it changes the meaning of the sentence. The "something" has become the object of "need" instead if the object of "buy". The sense then becomes "I need some idea as to what I might buy..."


    Please, be so kind and tell me why not: I have to buy something for my dad


    Actually, this answer is accepted.


    I must buy something to my dad why not?


    You cannot use "to" with the verb "buy", but otherwise your sentence would be fine with "for".

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