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  5. "Η καμήλα είναι ζώο"

"Η καμήλα είναι ζώο"

Translation:The camel is an animal

September 6, 2016



Why is the indefinite article absent?


In Greek the indefinite article can be omitted very often. Η καμήλα είναι ζώο and Η καμήλα είναι ένα ζώο are both correct :)


There's actually a constellation called Camelopardalis, coming from Latin and Greek, meaning giraffe. The idea according to a couple of dictionaries is that the giraffe was thought to have the head of a camel and the spots of a (leo)pard.


très instructif merci


OH! That's interesting! I was wondering why the name for giraffe was so funky. :D


In English a animal is incorrect. When a word starts with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) the word is preceded by the word an. An animal, an elephant, an insect,....) I was told I had a typo error.


What's the difference between "είναι" and "είμαι"?


They are different forms of the same verb -- you have to pick the one that matches the subject.

A bit like how you can't say "he am" or "you is" or "I are" in English: those are all forms of the verb "to be" but they're not the right one for that subject.

είμαι is the form for εγώ: εγώ είμαι "I am"

είναι is the form for αυτός, αυτή, αυτό, αυτοί, αυτές, αυτά (he, she, it, they), e.g. αυτός είναι "he is" or αυτές είναι "they are".


does "καμη" mean something ? camel and giraffe seam the same

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