"Ezek a vonatok Bécsből jönnek Sopronba."

Translation:These trains come from Vienna to Sopron.

September 7, 2016

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Is "these trains from Vienna are coming to Sopron" wrong? If so, how would that be written?


"Trains from Vienna"? I would probably say "bécsi vonatok" (similar structure as "people from America" are American people - "amerikai emberek"). So:

"Ezek a bécsi vonatok Sopronba jönnek."


I agree the given translation should be marked correct. But I wonder whether "These trains are going from Vienna to Sopron" would be a bit better? (Due to difference in usage between go and come in Hungarian vs English).


I would stick with "coming" in this case as "Sopron" seems to be the point of reference. But how about this word order:

"These trains are coming to Sopron from Vienna".

The point is that they are coming to Sopron, and we are emphasizing the point of departure.


No, you can't actually use "coming" this way in idiomatic English. Coming means motion toward a place where you are. "These trains are coming (here) from Vienna" is just fine. If you are in Sopron, it would be OK to say "These trains are coming (here) to Sopron from Vienna." Otherwise, you have to say "going": "These trains are going from Vienna to Sopron". Otherwise, it just sounds wrong.


Yes, this is all assuming that we are in Sopron.


I recommend we meet at the Pannonia. We could drink Kékfrankos and overthink translation nuances.


Yes, I think that works pretty well. It should probably accept both, to avoid confusion.


I'll be there, Sherm!

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