"The small airplane is falling onto the water."

Translation:A kicsi repülőgép a vízre esik.

September 7, 2016

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is "a kicsi repülögep esik a vizre" (with the right ö) unacceptable? should I report?


It is good, as a response to "What is falling onto the water?"

The sentence above is more like a response to "What is happening to the small airplane?"


I am also wondering why 'leesik' was rejected.


I am more interested about the airplane (the kicsi instead of the other ones) than whether it's falling 'onto' the water, or 'onto' something else, and since someone may object that maybe 'esik' wouldn't be enough to determine whether it's falling 'up' or ' down', I would add the preverb 'le': 'A kicsi repülőgép leesik a vizre'.


@Kolozs2's interest in the airplane is reflected in the accepted translation:
(1) "A kicsi repülőgép esik a vízre."
However, some may suggest this is a neutral sentence, or, would it only be neutral if the verb were "leesik"?

The English sentence prompt, seemingly neutral, may imply the correctly translated emphasis on "a vizre",
(2) A kicsi repülőgép a vizre esik,
since the invariable grammatical subject could have fallen elsewhere.

Given the choice, Kolozs2's proposed solution remains neutral, according to some, since the added prefix le- is not separated and therefore should be what? this sentence?
(3) A kicsi repülőgép esik le a vizre.

If Duolingo wanted us all to be interested in "where does it fall?" it could have used bold or italics to clearly indicate the focus and, by doing so, the student would be intentionally expressing what a native Hungarian speaker would intend to express:

"The small airplane is falling onto the water."


Things don't fall onto water only into it. Even a puddle, it's "into" in English. Boy I feel sorry for any Hungarian trying to learn English with this!


There is HU->EN course - which is much harder. Here the English is to guide the Hungarian translations.


it is better: ráesik a vízre- it means : it falls onto the surface of water and doesn't sink


In real Hungarian: A kicsi repülőgép a vízbe zuhan. A vízre esik: awkward.


Is "A kis repülögép leesik a vízre" acceptable?


I've seen gép written eleswhere , but it wasn't accepted here . Is it a word that's used ?


I know native Hungarians who use it - but I haven't seen it here.


do you really say that something falls ONto water, and doesnt sink? or this plane is another jesus :)

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