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"A lusta oroszlán odamászik a fához és elalszik."

Translation:The lazy lion crawls to the tree and falls asleep.

September 7, 2016



Is the lion definitely crawling and not climbing in this context?


I guess it depends on the terrain, right? But you never know with a mountain lion.
But I imagine the savannah on a hot day with a very sleepy lion and a nice shady tree nearby.


It's going up a tree, so it's definitely climbing. Or is it going TO the tree and not climbing up?


No, it is not going up a tree. It is going TO a tree, to be in its shadow. We are talking about a lazy lion here.


"There" just won't work for "oda" here. We don't say "crawls there to the tree," we say "crawls over to the tree."


dqJaco - I agree and suggested that they remove 'there' from the translation as it is unnecessary


Thanks, I got caught out. Just when I thought that I was getting my Hunglish down pat :)


I heard it as: "A lusta orosz lány odamászik a fához és elalszik."


to crawl for bugs and insects to climb for men and big animals.And why to destroy a rule,but we are acustumed on such things at Duo.Take it or leave it stands up to the end of the course.


Use "climb" for vertical progress and "crawl" for horizontal progress (on all fours/sixes/eights), regardless of the size of the beast :)

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