"A lusta oroszlán odamászik a fához és elalszik."

Translation:The lazy lion crawls over to the tree and falls asleep.

September 7, 2016

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Is the lion definitely crawling and not climbing in this context?


I guess it depends on the terrain, right? But you never know with a mountain lion.
But I imagine the savannah on a hot day with a very sleepy lion and a nice shady tree nearby.


It's going up a tree, so it's definitely climbing. Or is it going TO the tree and not climbing up?


No, it is not going up a tree. It is going TO a tree, to be in its shadow. We are talking about a lazy lion here.


"There" just won't work for "oda" here. We don't say "crawls there to the tree," we say "crawls over to the tree."


dqJaco - I agree and suggested that they remove 'there' from the translation as it is unnecessary


Thanks, I got caught out. Just when I thought that I was getting my Hunglish down pat :)


I heard it as: "A lusta orosz lány odamászik a fához és elalszik."

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