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Hello! My name is Karina, i'm from Mexico. I want to practice my english. I'm lvl 1

September 7, 2016

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Hello Karina! I'm Isa and I'm a native English speaker. If you'd like, you can post on my stream anytime and I'd be happy to help you. : )


Hello! Isa and Karina, I am Rolin, Nice to meet you! I want to improve my listening and speaking in conclusion I want to practice too


Actually, you're level 5, but anyway. Best of luck! Your English is quite good, just capitalize "I'm" and it's "I want to practice" not "I want practice." And it should be "I'm on [insert level.] Have some lingots!


Thanks! I'm beginner in english, but i try u_u'


Hi!, Rivera, how are you?


Hi, how are you? :)


I'm fine and you?, where are you from? and What is your real name?


Hi! Denny! Where are you From Denny?


Hello Karina. I am new in Duolingo. I don't know as to practice or come up friends. My instint see pratice whit Karina. Do you aceptas? cómo es tu horario? yo sólo puedo en las mañanas entre siete y ocho...


JAJAJAJA in English and spanish? Where are you from?, i'm from Mexico! and i can in the evenings....

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