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Slower with new design?

I've seen a number of posts that say the new design seems to work faster for them. I wonder if I'm the only one who is experiencing a slow-down?

Admittedly, I'm using Safari on an old Powerbook, so I'm in a small minority of people who should have upgraded to a newer, faster computer.

But the old design seemed snappier, even on this old hardware. I'm just curious if anyone else is seeing the same thing?

February 9, 2014



scrolling up and down on all the pages is super slow for me. running OSX 10.5.8 and in Firefox


Okay, to be more specific: the animations take several seconds to run. For instance, drawing the graph of my points over the last few days goes slowly enough that some of the lines connecting the points actually get skipped.

And the buttons, e.g. "continue" don't work with a regular quick mouse-click. I have to click slowly, or hold down the mouse button for a second, in order for the click to work.

And each time I switch to a new sentence in a lesson, there's 1) an animation as the words fade-in, and 2) the spoken words that start playing. This combination can take up to five seconds to get going.

Does anyone else see this? Do you think it's more likely to be due to:

1) the browser?

2) the hardware?

3) the version of a plugin like flash or java?

Thanks for any thoughts!


Thanks for more details! What browser are you using?


Oh, sorry- It's Safari version 4.1.3, and I have flash version installed. Thanks!


Oh, I should also say that my "Report a problem" function no longer works. This makes it difficult for me to... um... report problems. :-)


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