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"The bears come out from the cave, they walk into the city and hunt for people."

Translation:A medvék kijönnek a barlangból, besétálnak a városba és emberekre vadásznak.

September 7, 2016



Two questions: 1) Is it permissible here to say "sétálnak", rather than "besétálnák"? What is the difference?

2) Can one say "embereket vadásznak", rather than "emberekre vadásznak"?

(Duolingo didn't like the 2nd. I'm not positive if it would've accepted the 1st.)


1) I would say no. The preverb version provides the sense of a completed action that ends with the goal achieved. That is, they actually enter the city. Without it, it is just a general statement. "Sétálnak a városba". I would reverse that to "A városba sétálnak". And it just means they head for the city. Whether they ever enter the city, we don't know.

2) No. Hungarian uses "-ra"/"-re" in this context.

I am still having a huge problem with translating every "walk" to "sétál". Which is a stroll, a casual pleasant walk. I would say "bemennek" here.

But maybe this is all intentional. If any of you guys ever go to Hungary, you will be easy to identify. You say a "sétál" sentence, and the person you talk to will say "Sétálni.. hmmmmm.... Let me guess: Duolingo?" :)


Yes, I'd always previously understood "gyalog menni" to be walk, and "sétál" to be "stroll". Duolingo won't take "stroll" for it, though.

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