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  5. "Él es senador en ese país."

"Él es senador en ese país."

Translation:He is a senator in that country.

February 9, 2014



He is senator in that country.....that does not make sense....how about el es un senador en ese pais


professions normally do not get an article. 'soy maestro' rather than 'soy un maestro' 'El es senador' makes sense in Spanish.


Just adding my native English view. Omitting the article is also perfectly acceptable for some professions in English also. I would never say "I am teacher," but phrases like "he is Mayor of the city" or "I am President of the committee" are acceptable in English.

Whenever there is a position that is held by only one person and we're describing the position, then omitting the article is natural. e.g. "I am Commander OF the 45th Battlion"


Un/una is left off sometimes when it is clear from context that you mean just "one". Some professions seem to be a place it is often omitted.


Yup, I just want to add that the "un/una" is only used when you add in an adjective. For example, "Él es un buen maestro", if there is an adjective then "un/una" can be used.


The error is in the English, which should have an article, not in the Spanish, where it is not used.


The translation that I see above is 'He is a senator in that country'. So it must have been corrected. 15/Aug/2015.


I cannot make the microphone work!


The audio is of poor quality

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