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  5. "He drinks the water."

"He drinks the water."

Translation:Anh ấy uống nước.

September 7, 2016



anh ấy is a third person pronoun, "anh" alone can be used as a first person pronoun if you(a man) are older than the other one(1 to about 15 years) or when you're talking to your younger brother, a second person pronoun if you are the one younger than the man you are talking to, or when you are talking to your older brother, or he is about your age but you don't know exactly.


"Ấy" That is word about The man you don't know name. He (anh ấy). She (cô ấy)


Please reinforce the Vietnamese words with accompanying sound.


My answer will not get accepted, Please tell the owner my keyboard does not have the propper punctuation. I am Vietnamese and I probably know more than the owner does. so ya there you go. I am not trying to be mean so please don't type in the chat system "Oh you are abusing the owner." But I am not, I am just trying to get him/her to correct the mistake.


You need find app Unikey


Not everyone has the accents.

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