"A buszok a repülőtérről mennek a szállodához."

Translation:The buses go from the airport to the hotel.

September 7, 2016

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how would you say the buses from the airport go to the hotel?


A buszok a repülőtérről a szállodához mennek.


Or "A repülőtéri buszok a szállodához mennek". If by "the buses from the airport" you mean the buses that somehow belong to the airport. For example, because that is their regular departure station.


"A buszok a repülőtérről mennek a szállodához."

I would change the word order of the English translation like this:

"The buses go to the hotel from the airport."


is 'are going' also ok?


I am afraid I don't get the nuanced difference between "the buses go from the airport to the hotel" and "the buses from the airport go to the hotel".


In the former sentence, the route is simply described.
In the latter sentence, the buses are defined by coming from the airport. It may be relevant if they're in a parking lot with lots of other buses, so you can single them out as "the buses (that came) from the airport".


Is the first The optional? Could I have said Buses go...? Thanks.


I think the meaning is essentially the same.


Shouldn't the English sentence be in Continuous? Using mennek implies it's happening now. Other wise it would be járnak, regularly.


Personally I'm fine with the sentence being in the simple tense. :)

Please report sentences where a translation is missing.


Isn't English weird? Our present tense is continuous and our continuous tense is present.


our continuous tense is present.

Eh? English can show continuous aspect in other tenses as well.

"He was reading a book." "I will be playing the piano."


I am still confused as to when 'a' at the beginning of a sentence must be translated as 'the' and when it doesn't. Previously "Az allatok _" just meant "animals do ____" not "the animals" and it seems like there is no rhyme nor reason to when duo lingo feels the need to differentiate. Conversely, every other time I leave it off, I seem to get marked down because Hungarian favours an article even if it's not being translated. Can someone please explain the rules here?


I got that "rol" termination is to say "about something" why do not we uses "bol" suffixe like repuloterbol ?

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