"Ebbe a könyvbe írok."

Translation:I am writing in this book.

September 7, 2016

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Does this imply that the book is a journal, or that maybe the speaker is writing notes in the margins of a book? That is, is the speaker writing on the pages of the book?


Yes, that's right.


"I am writing INTO this book" was not accepted as correct answer; why?


What you suggest is logical, as is the Hungarian sentence. But the expression in English is, for whatever reason, 'in' rather than 'into'.


Fixed now. 'Writing into this book" is not common usage. But does happen typically as part of a phrase. Perhaps you are exasperated with someone asking you to make sure you remember something and you reply, "I will remember it! Look! I am writing into this book, 'Must learn Hungarian every day!'. See? I've written it just there!"

(I don't recommend this stroppy tone of voice with your friends and loved ones ;-)


Why not "ebben a könyvben irok" ?


Use that if you are inside the book, doing some writing.


God Hungarian is so picky!


Why isn't this just "I am writing this book"?


Those are different actions. If you're writing in a book, the book already exists, and you're writing on the pages in the book. If you're writing this book, that means you're the author, and you're in the process of creating the book.

"I am writing this book" would be Ezt a könyvet írom. Your sentence makes "this book" the direct object, whereas the other sentences (writing in this book, etc), do not.


Miért ajánl to-t, ha az nem jó?

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