"Do you accept this responsibility?"

Translation:Czy akceptujecie tę odpowiedzialność?

September 7, 2016

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So do all the people learning Polish with duolingo actually all speak Polish already?


Those who learn English from Polish sometimes also do the reverse course, that's why some comments here are in Polish.


What gender and case are "tę" and "odpowiedzialność" here? I'm confused…


"tę" can only be feminine singular. "tę odpowiedzialność" here is Accusative, "odpowiedzialność" has Accusative identical to Nominative, which rarely happens for feminine nouns - but it's feminine.

The words ending with palatalized sounds (-ś, -ń, -ć, etc.) are rather inconsistent in terms of gender, but if it's a word for an abstract notion (mostly feelings), then I think all of those are feminine. Not 'all feelings', I mean all words for feelings ending with palatalized sounds. But I don't have a complete list in front of me so I can't be 100% sure.

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