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  5. "Ναι, το ξέρω."

"Ναι, το ξέρω."

Translation:Yes, I know.

September 7, 2016



Why is το used here?


It's just customary in Greek to say το ξερω, even if you're not referring to a specific "it"

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In English it really should be "Yes, I know it/that". Το is the verb's object.


I think this is kind of similar to Spanish Lo sé. Someone will understand if you just say yo sé, but it's more idiomatic to say Lo sé. In Gk, το is a direct object that probably sounds more idiomatic. Literally, "I know it."


As in Italian, "lo so" :D Sometimes I would like to have a Italian-Greek course instead of English, which in my opinion is a language too "flat", too "essential" when compared to mediterranean languages (but I like it as it's very easy to learn! ;P )


That's true! If you Spanish or Italian, learning Greek is nothing of a big deal. Of course, vocabulary is quite different, but concerning grammar I was surprised about the similarities given that Greek forms its own branch within the Indo-European language family. Slavic languages for example are far more different.


Same for French, a lot of similarities at least in the vocabulary. Grammar is différent.


Being spanish and having to learn greek from english sometimes is really hard, so this has really made it easy to understand, thank you!

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