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How to do accent on a Macbook Pro?

Weird question for a native to ask, but I don't use a Greek keybaord computer. I've just added Greek and Greek Polytonic to my Macbook Pro but I can't figure out how to accent. Can you help?

September 7, 2016



Press and hold on the key:)

ο (2 seconds) + 1 = ό

You can leave your finger off the ο key when pressing the 1:)


Wasn't working, can you explain it a little differently?


I'm just going explain it with an English keyboard, but it works for all of them.

Press on A. A box will appear with 8 different letters. Each letter has a number below it. While the box is still open, press the 1 key for À, the 2 key for Á and so on. It won't work for every Greek letter, because some of them don't have accents.

I hope this helps!


When I hold it down, the 'a' just becomes 'aaaaaaaaa'.


That happens to me sometimes. Try opening a new tab and see if it appears when you type there. Another way to do it is if you have the US extended keyboard, press alt + e for ´

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