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  5. "למה אתה צריך שואב אבק?"

"למה אתה צריך שואב אבק?"

Translation:Why do you need a vacuum cleaner?

September 7, 2016



...Because in my opinion, vacuum cleaners totally suck! Hahahaha...


While referring to a vacuum cleaner, what do sho'ev avaq literally mean as seperate words?


To suck - לשאוב

Dust - אבק


I love that a magnet is a sucking stone! Thanks, Ingeborg.


Take a old and good broom


What part of speech is שואב ?


It is the active participle "sucking", here used as a noun.


Wait, what? Can you explain this please,שואב is listed as a verb on Pealim. Is there way to look up in Hebrew or English the different forms in Hebrew or how to tell? I saw that the active participle form is XXIX But it doesn't apply to all words, so I'm unsure how you'd normally know.


Well, you can use it as a verb too: הריק שואב אותך פנימה "The void sucks you in" or הוא שואב את החיים מאנשים "He sucks the life out of people". But I am not sure what your problem is.


Without translating it into English every time to know if it would use "ing" how would you know what part of speech it is in Hebrew? Is there a way to tell or to look it up? Thank you.


Well, context is king, in this sentence it follows צָרִיךְ, which can govern a noun or an infinitive, but not a finite verb form. And a good dictionary should list the nominal uses of the participles like here שׁוֹאֵב־אָבָק vacuum cleaner, אֶ֫בֶן־שׁוֹאֶ֫בֶת magnet, שׁוֹאֵב־מַ֫יִם water drawer (the person) or שִׂמְחַת־בֵּית־הַשּׁוֹאֵבָה Rejoicing of the Water-Drawing House.

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