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  5. "אני לא פותחת את הבירה."

"אני לא פותחת את הבירה."

Translation:I don't open the beer.

September 7, 2016



Do I hear the pronunciation correctly? It sounds like "putachat" to me, but at de.forvo it's "potachat".


Does this carry a similar meaning to, "I haven't opened the beer"? The English feels awkward here.


Would this be interpreted normally as "I can't open the beer" or is there a different way people would usually say that?

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No, it would ordinarily interpreted as "I'm not opening the beer".

I can't could either be "אני לא יכולה לפתוח את הבירה" or "אני לא מצליחה לפתוח את הבירה", depending on whether she tried or not.


Can't it be "I didn't open the beer?". It also seems more applicable and realistic.

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Except that the original sentence is in the present tense. It's either (not) happening now or it is (not) a habit.


Shouldn't it be "I won't open the beer"? If not why?

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"I won't open the beer" means that I refuse to open the beer. The Hebrew does not say that.


And the singular masculine form would be פותח (PoTakh)?

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It's one of those quirky chets with a patach underneath.


Pronunciation is going to fast?


why do they put this woman voice here, I put the sound on top and I cant hear her correctly and when I can hear her then what she said sounds wrong, I had to ask friends how to say things and they say its not correct what I hear

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She's speaking a little fast, but otherwise very clearly.


Sounds right to me. Do you or your friends read Hebrew?


How do you open a beer?

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By popping off the cap if it's a capped bottle, or by pulling off the tab if it's in a can.

You would never say this about beer in a glass.


Can someone please explain under what circumstance this would be used? The English here isn't clear. Is it that she refuses to open the beer? Or maybe she can't do it (like its hard). It's really an awkward and confusing sentence

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She is not saying why. All she is saying is that she is not opening the beer. There is no implication that it is hard. That would be if she said that she couldn't ("אני לא יכולה לפתוח את הבירה")

Maybe she is shocked by the suggestion that she would open the beer. Maybe she's stopped by the police and she's telling the cop she isn't opening the beer (because driving with an open container is a violation). Maybe the emphasis is on "אני" because she thinks somebody else should open the beer.

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