Where can I find the layout of all Irish lessons?

Is it possible to see the grammar topics covered under each section for Duolingo Gaeilge? The structure of the Duolingo course, I suppose? A lot of the questions are not beneficial but some are really beneficial and I need to work on those specific areas - e.g. An Chopail, An Clasál Coibhneasta, Na Díochlaontaí, tuiseal ginideach, & rl. Any guidance is appreciated.

2 years ago

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Looking at the current tree structure of the Irish course, it seems to be a mix of grammatical skills and vocabulary skills; some grammatical features have a dedicated skill (e.g. the genitive), some have no dedicated skill (e.g. the copula), and some aren’t covered at all (e.g. the vocative). You could look at the Tips and Notes for each skill to see if more detail can be found there.

If you prefer to work on specific areas, you could try downloading the Irish Typing Game by UaSirideain and create custom library files for it that would allow you to focus on the copula, relative clauses, declensions, etc.

2 years ago
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